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What are all the popular types of weed products?

Weed is the dried flowers derived from the popular cannabis plant and it is also known as the slang term for marijuana. If you are willing to know some other names of marijuana, they include pot, Mary Jane, ganja, grass, and herb. This flower of cannabis or weed can be smoked easily with the help of your vaping device. Once you have decided to buy weed online, first of all you should need to pick the best and reliable online weed dispensary. West Coast Supply is one of the leading, top rated, and also reliable online platform to purchase the best quality marijuana products as per your requirements.

Different types of weed products:

The customers can able to find the different types of weed products at this online platform and they include,

  • Hash

Hash is actually separated resin gained from the plant of cannabis which is dried & also pressed in the small blocks for your consumption. It has more amounts of ingredients such as THC and several other cannabinoids which generally in higher concentration than unprocessed or unsifted cannabis flower.

  • Cannabis

The customers can able to find the different types of cannabis products just within your budget. You can find a variety of cannabis strains just within your budget. From among the given options, you can select your option as per your requirements.

  • Shatter

Shatter is probably the cannabis extract with the glass like texture and brittle which is easily shattered or broken when snapped. The shatter is the most favourite option of weed product for the several numbers of weed products. The shatter comes from the purging process or the critical extraction which involves subjecting the weed plant to the pressure and strict temperature settings for 8 to 24 hours.

  • Edibles

You can also find the weed edibles which can be used to treat the chronic health conditions. It can be used in the various ways such as vaping, smoking, and also eating.

Some other popular types of weed products:

  • Distillates

Weed distillate is the most popular cannabis consumables with the extreme versatility and also highest purity. It is in the liquid format and this substance is nothing but pure weed extract and also psychoactive compound extracted in the cannabis plants.

  • Live Resin

Live resin is probably derived from the fresh and live marijuana flower buds and leaves as compared to others that were made from the dried leaves and flowers. The retention of flavours, terpenes, and aroma of the original plant is maximized. Live resin can be obtained in the various forms but the high quality ones have the pungent and strong aroma.

  • CBD

CBD or Cannabidoil is the two main cannabinoids in cannabis and it is the naturally found component from the cannabis plant. It will give you more psychoactive effects just like THC.

  • Pre Rolls

The new users who want to buy weed online can start experiencing it with these pre rolls which are discreet, easily consumable, convenient, and safe to give you more benefits.

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