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The legalization of marijuana in California

California was the first state to make marijuana legal for medicinal use and later the state completed the legalization of the drug for the purpose of recreation recently. This means legal avenues and platforms for entrepreneurs and business owners to cultivate or sell marijuana in the prescribed regulations. The act of making the drug legal has meant that it has provided the right platform for business owners to start their own operations and start a successful venture. 

Things to understand for opening a marijuana business in California

There are so many different aspects associated with any business and for something as niche as opening up the California marijuana dispensaries, this holds especially true. Cultivation, importing, purchase, prices, licensing, infrastructure, marketing, and logistics are some of the common terms associated with the marijuana business. It is vital that you have a clear understanding of each of those aspects before you go into the marijuana dispensary business. 

First, we will have a look at licensing and then how to determine the prices of your products. The annual license applications can be furnished through the online system of licensing – which is known as (MCLS)  manufactured cannabis licensing system. The application requires different information such as business details, owners, details of financial holders, operating premises, and description of the procedure for the disposal of waste, inventory and quality control, security, and transportation. 

The Bureau of Cannabis Control is responsible for furnishing the licenses for distributors, retailers, micro-businesses, testing labs, and the temporary events of Cannabis in the state. The bureau accepts the applications for licensing via its online system of licensing.

The legalization of marijuana in California

If you want to apply for a license through the online licensing system and if you are a new user then you would be required to register and create an account on the website before proceeding to apply for the license. 

The online licensing system of the bureau, the application forms as well as the portal of e-learning can be located on the different links of the website. When it comes to the regulation of cannabis edible manufacturers for medicinal and recreational use, it is the responsibility of the ‘Manufactured cannabis safety branch’, which is one of the divisions of (CDPH), also known as the California department of public health. The CDPH is now accepting applications for licensing through different portals. 


As logical business practices go, the prices of your weed must be affordable for the target consumer and competitive at the same time. Determining the right prices for your products is one of the key aspects that is vital for the successful operation of any business platform. Your prices must be attractive to customers and lure them in instead of making them go for alternate retailers. 

As is the case with the prices of gas, the prices of weed are likely to wary and different between different states and cities. This is why it is important that you determine your prices based on the local pricing structure which provides a fair deal for both you and the customers.

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